PSCo and Master Films use 2.5mm LED at Farnborough Air Show


The brief from aircraft manufacturers, Airbus Group, was to create a show stopping display to be used as a back drop at the launch of their new A330 cabin at Farnborough International Airshow.


Master Films, the event company delivering on the project, were looking for a display that offered high resolution at a large scale to replicate the entrance of the new A330 cabin. The screen would be located behind a model cabin entrance and replica seating area. Master Films approached PSCo (part of the Midwich Group) and were interested in the Absen A2, 2.5mm Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED product as they knew it would fit the brief.

The client, Airbus, was conscious that the area within the Airbus Group Pavilion had high ambient light, so the display needed to provide high brightness and contrast in order to deliver the bespoke content.

The attendees of the show would be standing directly in front of the display at a short viewing distance, so it was essential that it was a narrow pixel pitch product which would produce a high resolution canvas.

The LED also needed to be truly seamless so that there was no interruption to the content.

Master Films have been a leading supplier of high-end new technologies at Farnborough International Airshow in previous years, utilising the show stopping Panasonic 152” plasma from PSCo in 2012, so knew the impact an exciting display could achieve.


Master Films confirmed the Absen A2 2.5mm pixel pitch LED would be the display of choice. The screen was composed of 208 panels, making up a 6.4m x 3.9m wall in a 16 x 13 formation. The Green Hippo Par4Keet player was utilised on this project; part of the Aviary Range the Par4Keet is the first video player to combine class-leading video playback at 4K.

As the LED wall was larger than a full HD canvas, the Par4Keet was the perfect product due to its versatile mapping feature which allows content to be run to bespoke canvas and resolution sizes. The products touch screen feature allowed the content to then be mapped quickly and accurately to fill the display.

Tom Allott, Senior Account Manager working with Master Films, commented on the success of the project. “We were really pleased to work with Master Films on such an excellent project! LED was the perfect solution for the application - the narrow pixel pitch LED provided stunning content in high resolution and the ability to have LED at any shape and size meant we could scale it exactly to their requirement. To match the large bespoke pixel canvas the 2.5mm offered, our Par4Keet player was an ideal high-resolution playback solution”


Commenting on the project, Laurent Réglat, Head of Productions at Master Films, said: “We were extremely happy with the final results. The screen was able to replicate the cabin perfectly.”


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