PSCo and Arcstream work on show stopping Coca Cola Zero Sugar launch event


The brief from Reverb Events (a division of the Lexis Agency), was to create a solution that could be the main focal point at the Coca Cola Zero Sugar Taste Lounge activation event. The event was to take place at the Rook & Raven Contemporary Art Gallery in London’s Soho, and was designed to support the repositioning of Coke Zero.

The display solution needed to work with the LaserTouch Hummingbird LTD 100 Interactive laser system, which would allow users to interact with the bespoke content created for this event, through simple gestures without touching the surface of the display.


Arcstream, Audio Visual innovators, were awarded the challenge of working on the project, and approached PSCo (part of the Midwich Group) to provide the best display solution. They needed a product that would offer excellent picture quality, and accurate colour reproduction, to deliver the engaging content.

The product that best fit the specification was the Absen A2, 2.5mm LED. This Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED provides a truly seamless display, meaning the content would not be interrupted by bezels. The narrow pixel pitch produces a high resolution canvas and reduced viewing distance, which was an essential feature as customers would be stood directly in front of the display to use the touch feature.
The display also offered high brightness and contrast, and accurate colour reproduction which meant the content could replicate the corporate colours of the global brand – an aspect very important for Coca Cola.

Arcstream designed a bespoke app that displayed an interactive glass of Coca Cola on to the screen, which visitors could interact with to pop bubbles and move ice cubes into a glass!


Arcstream visited the PSCo Assessment Centre where they were able to test how the final app would look before the event, ensuring everything ran smoothly on the day.

The final display was made up of 30 panels of A2 2.5mm narrow pixel pitch LED, in a 6 x 5 formation, creating a 2.4m x 1.5m wall.

Tom Allott, Senior Account Manager at PSCo assisted Arcstream in the content testing. He commented on the project: “It’s great to be able to offer this facility to our customers. It meant that they could preview the content prior to the show, and we could make sure that the customer experience went as smoothly as possible.”


Richard Padun, Director at Arcstream, commented. “We were so excited to work on this project alongside PSCo – not only was it a large global brand, but we could really get our creative hats on and work out the best way to display the content. The LED worked perfectly as a display solution to partner with the Hummingbird LTD 100 Interactive laser system, and it created the stunning show stopper we were looking for.”

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