Nestlé use 2mm LED to produce stunning atrium display


Global food and drink giant, Nestlé were looking for an impressive and flexible solution for their atrium in their London headquarters. They wanted a large, eye catching screen to act as an information platform for staff, and visitors. The product needed to be able to compete with the high ambient light in the reception area, be front accessible, and custom fit for their allocated space.


JB Communications, who specialise in state of the art customer collaboration centres, worked on the project with Nestlé to produce the stunning atrium show stopper. After years of working with Nestlé, assisting in their events and marketing, they knew exactly what the project would require.

Nestlé wanted a display platform to showcase their latest adverts, a social media live feed, and company presentations and information. Nestlé are committed to digital activation across all of their brands, so needed a high end product to fit in with this.

The requirement was to produce a screen that could be custom designed to fit the wide space that was allocated, and was able to show high brightness and vibrant colours, even in a high ambient light environment. Due to the lack of access to the back of the screen, the product needed to be front install and front service. The product would also need to be able to provide high resolution in order to show the content of the presentations in pristine detail, without any interruption to content. These requirements led them to LED technology, as it was the best suited product for the application.

Unable to find a suitable product which met all of these requirements, JB Communication engaged with PSCo (part of the Midwich Group) to enquire about their expansive LED portfolio.


JB Communications attended the PSCo Assessment Centre with Nestlé for a personal tour and demonstration of the latest LED on the PSCo portfolio. The visit allowed them to view and test a variety of products, where they could compare pixel pitches side by side.

Nestlé had originally looked into a 3mm product, however after visiting the demo suite, decided they wanted a product which could achieve an even higher resolution. As the audience would always be in close proximity, it needed to be a pixel pitch which could be viewed at a reduced viewing distance.

PSCo supplied Absen’s N2 BLK 2.4mm Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) LED product for the installation in August 2016. A total of 84 panels were used to create a 7m x 2m display that was wall mounted using a Boldman solution. The wall created a stunning 286” diagonal that offered the perfect high definition entrance display, with a viewing distance of only 2 metres.

JB Communications chose Absen LED due to the quality of the product, ease of installation and the brands reputation. They knew they were getting a market leading product, with the partnership of a UK distributor who could support in house to find the perfect display for their price point. As part of the LED service PSCo provide, they also sent trained and qualified LED technician’s to set-up and install the display on-site.

PSCo also provide post-sale support, including a full PSCo Warranty down to a single pixel, serviced from the PSCo LED Service Centre in Reading. However, one of the benefits of LED is it does not suffer catastrophic failure, and pixel failure can often go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

Richard Mansell, Director at JB Communications, commented on the project: “We were very pleased with the resources that PSCo committed to make sure that we were able to deliver this large project to Nestlé on time and in budget. The performance of the LED screen is excellent; it does all we expected and more!

PSCo are very experienced in LED sales and installation, and had a great range of brands and solutions available.”


Emma Cox, Nestlé Technology Solutions Specialist, commented on the end result: “We needed the LED screen to be large and provide high impact but in a limited viewing area which was a challenge. The screen provided by JB/PSCo has hit our brief and enabled us to provide exciting new content and information to our staff and visitors. The LED screen has had brilliant feedback across the business and the quality of the hardware is clearly apparent. Many thanks!”

To speak to the PSCo team about your LED requirements, call 0118 372 3300, email or visit their website to find out more.