Midwich Transforms Primary School with £10,000 Worth of Technology

Technology has become a part of our day-to-day existence and is increasingly benefitting our lives, making them easier. An example of this would be how technology has made teaching and learning easier. Technology can be utilised to improve the learning experience and help students to be more successful.

Children can continue learning when they get home, as parents can access teachers’ resources and extra work online. Not only does this extension of the classroom make it more convenient for students to learn more, it enables learning to become more engaging and collaborative.

Stratford St Mary Primary School in Suffolk embraces technology, ensuring they make the most of every piece of technology they have. However, as a small village school, their resources and equipment were limited, and they lacked the finance to purchase the latest tech. Never the less, this doesn’t stop them from getting every pupil involved in technology.

Midwich, a multi-award-winning global tech company, awarded Stratford St Mary Primary School £10,000 worth of classroom technology as apart of their ‘Power-Up Your Local School’ competition. The school was nominated by their local technology reseller, AV Unit, who installed the technology they won.

Adam Clark, Managing Director, AV Unit, commented:

 “When I was thinking about who to enter for the Midwich competition, I knew it had to be a school that would make good use of the £10,000 worth of technology. One school sprung to mind and that was Stratford St Mary because I know they love their technology and they would certainly incorporate the equipment into their lesson planning.

As part of the competition, my team at AV Unit had the pleasure of supporting Midwich with the installation of all the new technology into the school. We worked with their teaching staff to plan where each piece of equipment would go. For example, the Epson short throw projector is being used as an amazing interactive table for the children.”  

Karen Bilner, Head Teacher, Stratford St Mary primary School in Suffolk, commented:

“When I first received the news that we'd won the Power-Up competition in July, I was ecstatic. Our small village school has limited financial resources, so to be able to enhance the children's learning with loads of new technology like an interactive smart board, TVs, scanners, printers, headphones etc. is just amazing, a really nice surprise for the whole school just before the summer holidays.”

The children and teachers at the primary school in Suffolk enjoyed a new SMART interactive whiteboard, interactive projector, video camera, LED TV, TV bracket, headphones, printer and scanner as part of their prize.

Stratford St Mary Primary School’s prize included:

Karen Bilner, Head Teacher, Stratford St Mary primary School in Suffolk, commented:

“Winning Midwich’s competition has enabled us to utilise new learning spaces within the school, such as installing a brand new interactive SMART board in the library area, meaning children can enjoy better learning experiences within smaller groups. The new wireless printers have also allowed my teaching staff to print directly from our iPad’s which is saving us a lot of money and resource.”

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