Midwich Digitise Vue Cinemas

Midwich worked alongside reseller and systems integrator 360 Digital in helping Vue cinemas digitise their advertising platforms at their latest new-build cinema in Darlington.

The project will implement the transition from using static posters and low resolution retail advertising as promotional platforms, to digitising across their estate. 


To provide Vue with solid advertisement and customer engagement platforms throughout the cinemas. It was important to be able to clearly show upcoming movie trailers to ensure repeat visits, ideally targeted to the appropriate customer, dependant on the time of day and current movie showings.

There were preconceptions about the excessive costs involved in not only hardware, but potential costly licencing and service agreements. The brief was clear; to find a cost effective replacement to static posters and low resolution retail advertising around the business, utilising digital ROI opportunities.


Darlington is a complete new-build site and therefore, fortunately did not require structural changes to the venue as the digital systems were incorporated within the design specification.

Extensive research was conducted, and with support and expertise from Midwich and 360 Digital surrounding LCD options and digital signage players, the most popular was installed at head office as a demonstration kit for all to test and use.

360 Digital carried out a ten site roll-out, digitising the static posters in place, installing a nine screen videowall and also upgrading the current retail advertising,

With the ten site roll-out such a success, the specification for the new-build cinema in Darlington was an easy decision.

“Vue’s decision to use Samsung videowall technology, powered by BrightSign digital signage, reinforces their vision to be the people’s first choice for cinema entertainment. It was important that the technology was easy to use and would create a powerful, reliable platform to communicate to their customers” Mark Flowers, Business Development Manager for Retail Solutions at Midwich

The chosen products for the Darlington site

  • 13 Samsung UE55Ds were installed and synchronised on the retail stand for food, drink and film time advertising.
  • A nine screen videowall, also using UE55Ds, was added to showcase movie trailers within the foyer, enticing customers to return for the latest movie releases.
  • BrightSign XD232s were used for 1080p resolution and networked on digital signage platforms around the cinema.

“The Brightsign XD232 system was an ideal recommendation to Vue as this was without doubt the most capable and offered the most value for money. Vue are currently the only UK client to be using BrightSign’s Enterprise Edition server software, due to the anticipated quality of players.” Terry Podesta, 360 Digital

The BrightSign system allowed scaling, and the dedicated media players and cloud system allow Vue to deliver up-to-date, high-quality content regionally, or nationally to support their suppliers.

 “Midwich were invaluable in helping supply and demonstrate various brands of hardware to the client, along with technical support and training where required. The logistics of stocking and delivering large quantities of hardware to each site when and where required, was a big help and ensured we could focus on the installations.” Terry Podesta, 360 Digital 


“Vue are very pleased with the installation and overall solution for all digital sites, and of course their latest new build. So much so, they are planning further sites. The content deployment and technical services teams manage the network on a day-to-day basis with very few issues.” Terry Podesta, 360 Digital

Another big advantage of the installation of forward thinking digital platforms are the movie premier takeover opportunities for the cinema.

These take place for a big movie release or premier evenings, and historically, all posters on-site would be changed for each movie. Of course, now this can happen almost instantaneously and does not require a team replacing posters.

Vue use a range of content; mostly HTML5 and video, which delivers in-house promotions on snacks, merchandise and memberships. A small team is now able to manage the content from one office, supporting the entire network.

In addition to this, specific movies and advertisements can be displayed depending on the time of day and/or type of movie being shown around this poster, ensuring relevant advertising is being shown to the right audience, at the right time.

Vue is part of an international group; and they look to deliver a consistent customer experience throughout the organisation. The project is continuing into 2017 with further UK sites joining the BrightSign network. 

For advice on your project, or any of the products mentioned, contact Business Development Manager for Retail, Mark Flowers on 07971374272 or email mark.flowers@midwich.com