Kin lead the way with first ever N3 BLK LED install at XYZ!


The brief from Allied London, award-winning property development company, was to provide the latest in display technology for the opening of a new building in the heart for Manchester. The XYZ building required a full array of AV equipment, including a high bright outdoor display, smaller meeting room screens, and a large, seamless, modern display for their reception area.

Kin, an interaction design practice, were brought on to manage the project.


The requirement for the larger reception screen was to provide a product that looked modern, could provide a seamless display without any interruption to content, and deliver high brightness and contrast in a high ambient light environment. The screen was to be installed in the middle of their atrium area and function as part of a stylish room divider. When open, the room should provide a large open space that can be used as a reception area and a relaxation space for staff and visitors. By using the divider, it will create a multi-functional space that can be used as a separate meeting room and conference space.

The chosen display needed to be able to work with the unique room divider, and have minimal depth in order to take up little space within the total frame work. As the screen was covered at the rear, it also needed to be front install and front service.

The proposed content for the display includes showcasing news channels, Twitter and Instagram feeds and weather updates. It may also be used as an interactive display that could partner with a photo booth and show the pictures live on to the screen.

Kin knew that they needed a striking display, and LED would be the perfect fit. They approached PSCo (part of the Midwich Group) as the UK’s leading LED distributor, to try and find the perfect solution for the application.


Kin visited the PSCo Assessment Centre, where they had the chance to compare a variety of pixel pitches, and see the quality and design of a variety of LED displays. They could also test content in order to see the resolution and quality each screen provided. By visiting the Assessment Centre, PSCo could work with Kin to find the right pixel pitch for the project.

One of the key benefits of using LED is that it provides high brightness even in high ambient light environments. This meant that the LED display could still provide a high bright image in the open atrium area. It also provides a truly seamless display ensuring no disruption to content.

The final solution was Absen’s N3 BLK, 3.2mm LED. The screen was set up in a 4.15m x 2.3m wall, using 32 panels in an 8 x 4 formation. The screen created a 1440 x 720 resolution, perfect for the level of content being showcased.

PSCo also worked hand-in-hand with Graham Welding Design, the company fabricating the frame work, to make sure that the N3 BLK and the mounting solution could work with the room divider. The N3 BLK has a total install depth of 10cm when paired with PSCo’s bespoke mounting solution, allowing more space for the framework to be built around it.

Graham Pow, Sales Manager at PSCo, said: “This was a fantastic project, and it was great that we could launch the first ever N3 BLK install in a high profile location. PSCo’s unique offering meant we could support Kin with demonstration and pre-sales support, set-up and technical assistance, and after-sales care and warranties.”


Kevin Palmer, Director of Kin, commented on the project: “By using LED we were able to create a stunning display, that perfectly suited the stylish and modern theme of the room. The LED offers a perfect one-screen solution, meaning that our bespoke content won’t be interrupted and can produce high image quality.”

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