Midwich provides interactive learning environment for tech-savvy PE students

The students of today learn best when they’re involved and interested, and for today’s tech-savvy youngsters the latest technology is a vital tool in keeping them engaged. Modern technology can also help students to master the skills of knowledge sharing, enabling greater collaboration across several technology platforms. Skills such as this will be of significant benefit for the IT rich world in which we live in and where they will soon be embarking on their employment journey.

In this case study, Midwich paired up with an AV integrator to transform the learning experience within a secondary school Physical Education (PE) department.


The Lord Grey Academy in Bletchley (Milton Keynes) challenged our Integration partner, ON-AV (leading Audio Visual Integration company servicing the Education, Corporate and Government sectors) to deliver an interactive learning environment for their PE department which allowed the teachers to share interactive multimedia content instantly to the whole class.

The school wanted an interactive, multimedia approach to engage their students whilst maintaining their interest and encouraging them to participate fully in PE lessons. The technology would allow teachers to record content in the PE lessons and instantly share this to the group to analyse and review their individual performance.


Previously, the teachers would record/share content onto smaller devices and show the pupils on a 1-2-1 basis within the lesson. Limited sizing of the device (phone mainly) would make it difficult and with over 25 students per class, this would significantly reduce valuable teaching time and have an impact on the desired outcomes.  


Working with ON-AV, Midwich provided the school with an IIYAMA 65’’ Interactive 4K UHD LCD Touchscreen with integrated annotation software. The interactive technology allowed the teachers to instantly share, stream and edit content from any device directly onto a screen, transforming their lessons into easy, fast and seamless sessions with the included Wi-Fi module (OWM001) and the ScreenSharePro app.

Ian Strange, Midwich’s External Sales Support worked with the integrator, ON-AV and the Head of PE at Lord Grey Academy to provide the product solution and extensive training on the impressive IIYAMA 65” interactive screen.     


The IIYAMA 65’’ Interactive 4K UHD LCD Touchscreen with integrated annotation software is a perfect solution for educational and corporate use. Its 65’’ infrared 20-point touchscreen with iiWare 8.0 (Android OS) featuring Note, web browser, file manager, cloud drives, WPS office and ScreenSharePro delivers everything and more for any learning and corporate environment.

It comes with dual touch pens, allowing teachers to annotate easily in 4K on files and on-screen content which can be saved directly on a USB device, 32gig internal memory or on a connected cloud drive. The display supports playback of presentations, high-resolution video and almost any other type of content such as YouTube.

In layman’s terms, the teachers at the Lord Grey Academy in Bletchley (Milton Keynes) have the ability to share real-time video and images to the students with annotation ability as well as playing videos and images from other sources.

If you would like to explore the range of technology solutions we can supply to enhance learning in education settings, please visit our interactive Education Portal or contact our sales team on 01379 649200.