Epson: Creating a collaborative solution

Koris integrates Epson interactive meeting room solution with Microsoft Lync to open up new possibilities for customers

KORIS is a company that aims to harness the power of today’s communication and networking capabilities and turn them into a competitive advantage for businesses. It designs, implements, supports and manages IP telephony, local area and wide area network infrastructures to address businesses’ current and future requirements.

As part of its offering to customers, Koris wanted to develop a solution for customers to provide more unified and interactive communications.

Unified communications

Businesses are starting to embrace the possibilities of increased collaborative working. A recent survey found that enterprises using collaboration tools saw a 23% increase in overall customer satisfaction after just one year of deployment[1].

Koris wanted to create a collaborative offering for potential clients and customers that combined video meetings with interactive whiteboard sharing capabilities. In order to achieve this, it combined an Epson EB-1430Wi touch meeting room solution with the unified communications software Microsoft Lync.

Microsoft Lync is a communication tool which enables a company’s employees to remotely communicate with each other using a range of different devices. It contains a number of useful features for meeting environments, including  voice, video, and application sharing. “Gathering consultants together for a session using Microsoft Lync helps gather input and feedback and this is important in a number of our workshops,” says Craig McCalley, Sales and Marketing Director at Koris

[1] Business collaboration: working together is good for business:

Collaborative solution 

When Microsoft Lync was combined with the EB-1430Wi touch meeting room solution, it gave Koris a truly collaborative offering to demonstrate to its customers.  “As well as being able to hold meetings via Microsoft Lync, we wanted to show customers how they can make their meetings more collaborative by using a whiteboard via web interface,” McCalley added. “Being able to broadcast a document on which multiple people can edit is definitely something customers would be interested in.”

The best option

Koris decided on using an Epson solution after they researched a whole range of options, including interactive flat-panel displays. “The EB-1430Wi can achieve a screen size of up to 100 inches to provide a truly immersive meeting environment,” said McCalley. “In terms of screen size, we found it couldn’t be beaten in the flat screen market at that price point.”

Another advantage Koris identified was in how the projector would be used by their customers. “We discovered that the interactive flat-panel displays that we looked at didn’t have the traditional whiteboard functionality, whereas the EB-1430Wi did,” said McCalley. “It’s also really easy to use which is important; people can just turn up to a meeting, plug in their device and they’re ready to go.”

As well as providing users with a whiteboard option, the EB-1430Wi allows edits to be made over the top of existing documents. “We do a lot of workshops that involve technical designs so the ability to display topology diagrams and edit over the top of them is important,” says McCalley. “The fact that the edits can be saved and distributed is also a great advantage.”

Other useful features

The EB-1430Wi provides a number of other features which, when combined with video conferencing capabilities in Microsoft Lync, can help users make meetings truly interactive. “The ability to share content from a range of devices as well as the handy split-screen view opens up new collaborative possibilities for users,” notes McCalley. “We believe this solution can allow truly collaborative meetings and also potentially save companies money through reduced employee travel costs.”

The EB-1430Wi is much more than a data projector, it is an interactive meeting room solution that can play an essential part in a company’s unified communication strategy. It can help businesses by providing an integrated solution,  that can be utilised widely across their meeting areas.

“We believe this solution can allow truly collaborative meetings and also potentially save companies money through reduced employee travel costs.”

Craig McCalley, Sales and Marketing Director at Koris

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