Dexon and Seoul Metro

Dexon innovate with new command control system at the Seoul Metro

Seoul Metro is Seoul’s public subway corporation, operating subway lines 1 to 4 in the highly dense metropolitan area of Seoul. An average of 3.96 million people each day, or 45% of the daily metropolitan subway riders use these lines, as of June 2008. Seoul metro has the world’s fourth largest number of passengers.

In particular, Line 2 has operated more than 0.2 billion kms of service as of June 5, 2006 over its 22 years of operation, a first among Korean operators and has carried 30 billion passengers as of May 22, 2007. This figure is equivalent to an average of 3,000 trips for each one of Seoul’s 10 million citizens. 

To provide safe, reliable, convenient and cost-effective transit service, Seoul Metro had decided to build a new Line 2 Command Control System.

Particular requirement of the project was to find a solution that provides the displays
in the trains, the computer platform and the complete video surveillance system. In
this case the heart of the system was a video wall, which had to be able to display
several live video inputs in high-quality, scale-able video windows combined with
other graphic applications over the desktop simultaneously.

Control of line service needed continuous interaction of operators and service personnel while supervision of the trains and passenger traffic was an essential factor. Operators daily work was supported by a full graphics service collecting and displaying all the information in order to acquire total control of traffic service of the busy capital of Korea.


The Ideal Video Wall System

The purpose was to find the ideal control solution for the video wall system, since system performance mainly depends on the controller. DEXON Systems offered reliable
solution that met the consigner’s requirements. This company works on multi-screen video
display projects since 1996 and today it is one of the best-known developer and manufacturer of advanced video wall controllers on the
market. DEXON’s controllers provide highquality video displaying (Crystal Video) with fast switching capability. All the controllers and parts are manufatured for 24/7 operation.

The integrator used 2 pieces of DEXON’s video wall controllers for this project in order to
control the wall that is made of 14 pieces of 70” LCOS cubes. The large wall of rear
projected cubes displays all the required graphics and video information that must be
processed and controlled by the number of remote operators.


The Successful Project

DEXON controller’s solution for managing data and video display was integrated successfully
with the MMI software. The project met the relatively high safety requirements and gave
an additional reassurance provided by the video surveillance system. In addition, the
successful project also created the basis for extending the security network.

The representative of the System Integration corporation, Mr. Alex Ha said: 

“I’m highly satisfied with DEXON’s video wall controller solution that integrated high definition hardware and software systems. It was very easy to install and easy to set up.

The system has a user-friendly control surface, so it didn’t take much time for the operators to learn how to use it. Even they can use the Korean version of the user interface
well. Additionally the controllers are very reliable and they provide high-quality service
during the 24/7 operation.”