Dexon and Budapest's Airport

Dexon install new videowall within Ferenc Liszt International Airport Security Centre

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is the second largest airport in the new EU member states, formerly known as Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, serving the Hungarian capital city of Budapest and by far the largest of the country’s four commercial

It has four terminals: 1, 2A, 2B and GAT (General Aviation Terminal – primarily serving
those passengers who travel with their private or rented business jets and passengers of
special airlines like sportsmen, special delegations etc.)

The airport is located 16 kilometres east south east of the centre of Budapest and was renamed in honour of the famous pianist and composer Franz Liszt. It offers international connections primarily within Europe, but also to Africa, the Middle East, the Far East. The airport has connections altogether with 92 airports, 81 cities and 74 countries.

With its 9.2 million passengers, 86 682 aircraft movements, 89 987 tons of cargo volume and 267 million EUR revenues the airport won the prestigious Skytrax “Best Airport in Eastern Europe” title in 2014 and also was awarded for excellence by the CAPA Center for Aviation “Airport of the Year of 2015”.

Need for ideal videowall system

Large property development projects were started in the area of Ferenc Liszt International Airport to keep up with increasing aircraft and passenger traffic. Construction of extra shopping area and a new terminal building required extra control facilities also. Implementation of the new security, supervision and airport traffic management centre required collection of different

- Video camera signals
- Security camera pictures
- Data from airport servers
- Data from SCADA systems
- Information from operator workstations

The centralized information processing and active airport management jobs were solved by two 9-screen video walls. The video walls were built up from 18 pieces of 46" TFT/LCD monitors from NEC arranged in 3x3 layout each. The multi-display walls were controlled by a single DXN3200 Video Wall Controller from DEXON Systems as ideal solution for the job.

Real time display, immediate action and high reliability must have been assured by the
advanced DEXON video wall controller and the 2 large video walls. The walls displayed all the required information in front of operators who were able to control the layout of the wall remotely.

The supervision and control room was equipped with DEXON Systems’ large software system. The DXWall software suite contained different packages for centralized information processing, operator interaction, wall layout management and remote control.

Easy-to-use graphics user interfaces guarantee efficient airport management process for a large number of remote operators.

DEXON Systems work on multi-screen video display projects since 1996 and today it is one of the best-known developer and manufacturer of advanced video wall controllers on the market. DEXON’s controllers provide highquality video display in real time according to the operator requirements. All the controllers and parts are manufactured for 24/7 operation.

The Successful Project

DEXON Systems’ controller’s ideal solution for managing data and video display was
integrated successfully with airport requirements. The project met the very high safety requirements and gave an additional reassurance provided by the video surveillance system.

In addition, the successful project also created the basis for extending the security network.

The representative of the system integrator corporation, Mr. Attila Nagy said:

“We were amazed and satisfied with DEXON’s video wall controllers’ capabilities and the services of the complex hardware and software system. The installation process went rather smoothly because we received all the required hardware and software modules that may be needed for a control room installation. The operators could learn the application of user interfaces rather quickly.”

The configuration and the airport management is under operation in 24/7 without any interrupt during the last half year.


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