Corporate LED installation of 3.9mm LED


The brief from a London Private Wealth Bank to VEGA Technology (Europe) Ltd, leading AV and IT solutions provider, was to create an eye catching display and focal point premium event space, with an audio visual system to deliver a flexible and enhanced client experience, whilst respecting the Grade 2 listed environment. The screen needed to be able to deliver vibrant colours even in the high ambient light environment, and be able to be mounted at height. VEGA knew that they would require an impressive piece of technology to meet these requirements and having previously worked with PSCo (part of the Midwich Group) on numerous projects, engaged with them to find and deliver the right product to support their customer.


The London Private Wealth Bank were in the process of completely refurbishing their reception atrium area, and needed a product that would be mounted against the side wall, whilst still achieving a perfect viewing experience from any angle, delivering bright and exciting colours, and would be able to run 24/7. The area will also be used for a multitude of flexible events.

PSCo put forward the award winning Absen AI03, 3.9mm ultra-fine pixel pitch LED display as it could meet the challenging requirements of the project including; set-up versatility, high brightness and visibility regardless of ambient light, designed for 24/7 usage, and fully front service and installation ensuring no rear access is needed at any stage of the product life cycle.

Another key benefit of LED as a technology is it delivers a truly seamless, bezel free display, ensuring there is no disruption to content being showcased, making it ideal for an installation in such a prestigious location where the stunning display would create a media source to broadcast financial and world news to visitors.

VEGA attended the PSCo Assessment Centre with both the digital content team, and marketing and events team from the bank for a personal tour and demonstration of the product. This allowed them to view and test their content on the screen prior to purchase.

In November 2015, VEGA purchased a total of 28 panels of the AI03 3.9mm LED to create a 5.25 x 3 metre wall. The wall, which was 7:4 aspect ratio and created a stunning 236” diagonal wall in high definition at 1344 x 768 resolution, was fitted on to the custom mounting frame. PSCo also supported VEGA with Technical Assistance services on this project during the on-site installation including the set-up of the LED display. All LED purchased from PSCo comes with a full PSCo Warranty down to single pixel, serviced from the PSCo LED Service Centre in Reading. However, one of the benefits of LED is it doesn’t suffer catastrophic failure and pixel failure can often go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

Liam Winter, LED Product Manager at PSCo explains how finding the right solution was an important factor in the project, “We knew that we had to find a high resolution product that could be viewed at all angles and still provide a stunning image. We knew the challenge was being able mount it at a height, so had to ensure that the product was light, easy to install, and front serviceable should we ever need to. Our post-sales offering is a key benefit for PSCo and we like to ensure the product and the customer is looked after throughout the product lifecycle.”


Wealth Bank Front of House Operations Director said, “The positioning of the video wall is such that it is not intrusive for any of our atrium visitors during the day, but can be seen from all angles in the event space – you can almost be directly underneath it and see everything perfectly.”

Tim Dobson, Sales and Marketing Director, at VEGA commented: “We knew that this project would be an exciting one to get involved in, with so many different aspects to consider. Having previously deployed multiple systems for the bank, we were happy to take on the project and provide the bank with the latest technology, which would ensure they achieved the stunning focal point to the atrium that they required.”

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