We'’ve brought the picturesque market town of Diss up-to-date by installing a state-of-the-art IP surveillance system.

The people of Diss were raising concerns about the crime and anti-social behaviour rate in the town centre. By April 2011, reported anti-social behaviour had reached an all-time high of 82 incidences monthly, and the issue seemed to be growing.

After reading a news story detailing the possibility of installing a new networked system in the town centre, Stephen Fenby, our Managing Director, made a call to the local council to offer Midwich’'s services and expertise. Ben Perkins, the Sales Manager of our security division, teamed up with the local council, including the Norfolk police, to discuss a solution to the problem. Ben proposed that, as well as a networked IP surveillance system, wireless hotspots could be installed as an advantage for local residents and visitors to the town. Wireless hotspots would also serve to create an additional stream of revenue for the project in selling advertising space to local businesses or charging the public for internet access.

Together, we were able to provide the town of Diss and the resident community with the best CCTV and WiFi network available.

Once the project was well and truly underway, we united the Community Interest Company, South Norfolk CCTV group, CSI Solution Ltd and SilverNet to build the best possible team for the job in hand. Along with our unprecedented expertise, the Community Interest Group was able to help fund the cameras while the South Norfolk CCTV helped to manage and maintain the CCTV and Wi-Fi system. CSI Solution Ltd provided an economically and environmentally sound CCTV system, and SilverNet manufactured the high-performance outdoor wireless network equipment. Together, we were able to provide the town of Diss and the resident community with the best CCTV and WiFi network available.

Our work in Diss benefited the community expansively. The town was given free public access to the internet, enabling local businesses to increase their advertising, as well as a CCTV network which businesses had the option to connect to, and which can be used to monitor and analyse public activity around the town centre. As a project, we saw the community really come together to better their town centre, and anti-social behaviour has since been reduced by 35%. It is also predicted that the IP surveillance system will save the Norfolk police up to £56,254 every year.