BrightSign Case Studies – Applications for Multiple Settings

Examples of successful BrightSign Digital Signage applications in Retail, Museums, Entertainment, Restaurants, Outdoor Environments, Corporate, Education and Finance. 

BrightSign is the global market leader in digital signage media players. They’re known for their reliability and easy to use products, as well as their impact on the future of digital signage.

These media players are used in a wide variety of environments, all over the world.

“Because each display can be tailored, and digital signage can be used everywhere, there is no longer one common way of using it. Everyone uses it differently and to their best interests.” – Will Matthews, Digital Signage Brand Manager

Below we give examples of how various installers have used BrightSign in multiple settings worldwide to deliver stand out digital signage solutions.

BrightSign Media Players in Retail

BrightSign worked with installer, Reflect, which oversaw the digital design and integration of the San Francisco Levi’s store. The store used LED panels to create a large-scale vignette which helped capture attention and increase footfall. In total, 10 million LED pixels covered over 1000 square feet of prime wall space across both levels of the store. 

“Times Square stores are among the highest visibility retail establishments in the world. Delivering a brand-right digital experience was our goal. We entrusted BrightSign media players to deliver a fail-safe media distribution platform. Not only did we have the benefit of BrightSign’s unrivalled reliability, but we were able to drive content for the entire store with just two players – a true testament to the robust capabilities of BrightSign hardware.”

- Brandie Perkins, Senior Account Manager at Reflect

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BrightSign Media Players in Museums

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo wanted to celebrate Shark Week by letting visitors immerse themselves in the experience of swimming with sharks. They worked with BrightSign to create the illusion that they are swimming with real fish in an aquarium. In total 42 BrightSign media players powered the immersive 4K video on 4 LG 55” displays. 

Dubai Aquarium took advantage of the different features and abilities of BrightSign media players, using BrightSign HD players to power kiosks with buttons in the ‘shark cage’. They also used BrightSign XD1132 players in touch kiosks and BrightSign LS422 players with a motion sensor to drive an interactive children’s area. 

 “We always specify BrightSign players, especially for very large showcase installations, because of their stability and the fantastic support we receive from the BrightSign team. One feature in particular, the video overlays, was the world’s first on BrightSign players. The players are frequently used to deliver text or static image-based overlays. To provide video in this form, we worked with the BrightSign team in Cambridge to create a script. These overlays are an essential part of the experience, as they help to add a strong educational element to an exciting encounter.” - Abdul Bakhrani, implementer at DigiComm, the installer that worked with BrightSign to deliver this solution.

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BrightSign Media Players in Entertainment

When Leeds Playhouse wanted to integrate signage with their fire alarm system, adding a visual element to ensure the safety of their customers and staff during an evacuation. This was achieved by installing BrightSign players and the Signangelive GPIO trigger application. The project also included installing a large-format 6x3 outdoor LED display, as well as independent freestanding advertising and wayfinding displays. 

Warren Bremner, business and channel development manager at Signagelive, said: “We were very pleased to be able to work on the deployment of the digital signage for Leeds Playhouse, as this not only uses our industry-leading content management software but also added the bespoke fire alarm integration the customer required.”

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BrightSign Media Players in Restaurants

After a successful pilot, digital menu boards are being installed across Costa Coffees in UAE. Each board consists of 3 49” screens with content driven by BrightSign XD232 players. These menu boards allow the cafes to mix video content with up to date menus and pricing, as well as dynamic content, such as moving images, which is achieved by using the BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition.

“We pushed for Costa Coffee to adopt the BrightSign platform as it is so intuitive, user-friendly and stable. BrightSign came through the exceptionally thorough trial stage with flying colours. With the full roll-out, BrightAuthor continues to provide a flexible and easy to use platform for managing and scheduling content playback in each store." - Terry Borden, Managing Director, Mood GCC

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BrightSign Media Players in Outdoor Environments

When Austin, Texas hosted Formula One Racing they wanted to ensure that all DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advertising was both clear and engaging to encourage an increase in average spend per customer.

The F1 venue featured a mixture of small, medium and large screens, they wanted to ensure that all DOOH advertising looked just as the advertiser intended, no matter how small or large the screen.

Zephyr Media chose BrightSign media players to power their content as these players offer robust, flexible, future-proof players and sophisticated software. They also wanted to ensure the media players they chose were easily scalable.

“Working closely with BrightSign, we created a powerful DOOH network that reflects that fast-paced entertainment and cutting-edge technology.” - Luke McEvoy, Zephyr Media’s vice president of marketing. 

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BrightSign Media Players in Corporate

Innovation is the driving force in company growth, however, Kellogg’s intra-office and internal communication system was dated and lacked new instalments. Wanting to replace their outdated PowerPoint communication system with one from this century, BrightSign helped install a robust, networked solution to unify company communications.

Not only were the BrightSign players easy to use, but they required substantially less of the staff’s time. Kellogg’s were blown away by the initial 20 BrightSign unit digital signage solution that they went onto order an additional 43 units to further meet all their requirements. 63 network-enabled HD210 media players now connect more than 50 Kellogg US offices. 

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BrightSign Media Players in Education

One of the leading international universities for technology and the natural sciences installed 120 XD media players in two networks. These players were installed to help direct visitors and staff through the extensive campus, they also helped enhance the University’s outstanding lecture theatres. With over 18,500 students from over 110 countries, 20 players were installed into the University’s new student restaurant to show a description and image of the food being offered. 75 BrightSign players were also used to drive content around the campus, and 25 to deliver video and IPTV services to lecture theatres.

“BrightSign is really perfect – we have never had any problem with stability with these players. You can switch the power off and on at any time without risk of corrupting the Hard Disk Drive. We no longer have issues with Windows updates, errors or pop-ups. The new network is a lot less trouble than the previous network.” - Armin Brunner, speaking about his enthusiasm about the sustainability and ease of use of the BrightSign players.

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BrightSign Media Players in Finance

Bank branches in Germany and Austria installed a total of 58 BrightSign XD1230 digital signage players to drive NEC 40” HD LCD monitors. The main challenge with this instalment was that deployment had to be rolled out in just a few months, this meant that the players had to be easy to use, configure and program. BrightSign players were chosen so that exchange rates could be instantly updated as they fluctuate. 

“The primary objective of the BrightSign-based digital signage system was to replace manually updated exchange rate signage in our branches. Exchange rates change multiple times per day, and our objective was to provide screens that would show the correct rate instantly and automatically, as soon as the rate was changed in the point-of-sale system,” said Thomas Zraunig, project manager at Western Union International Bank.

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Where can I buy a BrightSign Media Player?

“BrightSign is the market leader in digital signage. They have industrial-grade signage players that are designed to be on 24/7, 365 days a year and are well known for their reliability and ease of use.”

– Will Matthews, Digital Signage Brand Manager

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