ATEN Revitalises Pub Complex

Christmas came early when ATEN revitalised a pub complex in Cardiff looking for a way to offer its patrons an unforgettable multimedia experience in each of its three uniquely different pubs.


The Challenge: Ready for a Pint... or Three?

The Bierkeller complex had a dream of operating a centrally controlled AV system that would work across their three pubs. With distances extending up to 50m away from media source devices, there would be 60 displays widely distributed across the three separate bars which required access to 8 video sources located in the central server room: 3 Skybox Satellite TV receivers requiring HDCP-compliancy, 4 media players, and 1 video feed for live performances. In regards to the TVs, they wanted to move from individual control of the 60 sets to centralized management, and also to somehow make sure that they could no longer be controlled by patrons and smartphone IR apps.


The Solutions: Why Aten?

Centralised Control
The three pubs incorporate the ATEN Control System and ATEN’s professional A/V solutions to create centralized control of all multimedia devices via an Ethernet network.

The VM1600 allows the management team to replace input boards if they upgrade their video source interface to DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort, without having to change their IT infrastructure.

ATEN’s HDMI splitter, extender, and modular matrix switch are all HDCP-compliant. The pubs can therefore display video from the Skybox Satellite TV system without issue.

The Result


“It makes the industry so much more dynamic. It's fantastic!”
Kharl Pitman, Bierkeller Complex
“It was clear from the start that ATEN knew what they were doing.”
Ian Doddridge, Audio Install