Learning environments with intelligent video solutions

One of the world’s leading suppliers of Intelligent Video Solutions, Mirasys provides with cutting edge video technology used to create professional turnkey solutions to record, store, playback and export video streams from High Definition IP video cameras and Pro Audio sources.

Highly functional: view, review and export

  • Manual or auto triggered start/stop recording
  • Lip-sync audio and variable off-set to compensate delays in data transport mechanisms
  • Screen capture allows you to record video output from a PC
  • Review live and on-demand content
  • Search tool can locate content by time and activity
  • Clips can be exported in Windows Media Player or VLC compatible format
  • Story board feature helps you edit and choose only the most interesting clips to export as a single file
  • Add comments or notes to exported clips

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Get tailored future proof solutions for your market

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Mirasys video solutions ensure that medical training can be recorded and reviewed by medical staff; helping them to learn best practises.

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Capture and share the best lessons; use them for teacher observation and development or share with students to save on catch up classes and to reinforce learning. 

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Business and Retail

Staff training, meeting recording and seminar capture - Mirasys helps your business develop an effective strategy to capture important events and create a repository of critic