Keeping pupils engaged with AV

Multi-touch capabilities are ideal for youngsters who’s world is now technology driven

The days when school kids and students dozed at their desks while teachers and lecturers droned on a dais are long gone. People learn best when they’re involved and interested, and for today’s tech-savvy youngsters the latest technology is a vital tool in keeping them engaged.

“Primary schools want to drive kids to the front, to get them to participate and collaborate, and the latest flat panel displays with multi-touch capability are ideal for this. Often the students will need to link in their own devices too, either through BYOD or with Chromebooks or other devices supplied by the school.”

- Paul Kaylor, Business Development Manager at Midwich

In secondary schools, bored teenagers can be transformed into co-operative human being by judicious access to Google and YouTube content, and can begin to master the skills of knowledge sharing and collaboration they will need in the world of work.

This becomes even more important in further and higher education. “Colleges and universities need the latest technology in order to attract students and provide them with the skills modern employers are demanding,” says Kaylor.

Collaborative, workgroup-oriented spaces with the latest touch-screen, content sharing and even video conferencing technologies are popping up all over campus. And fee-paying students will be pretty unimpressed if formal teaching areas aren’t kitted out at least to the standard they were accustomed to at school.


Transforming education

Outside the learning environment AV is transforming education. “Universities, colleges and multi-academy trusts (MATs) are becoming increasingly concerned with branding, and digital signage and video walls provide an excellent platform for this, as well as enabling dynamic information provision to students and visitors,” says Kaylor.

Other popular AV applications include, room booking systems, remote collaboration, and video conferencing between MAT schools and different university campuses.

With such a bewildering array of technology promising so much, educational institutions – and their installers – need some knowledgeable, impartial guidance. This is where Midwich excels.

“We have an incredibly broad portfolio of products, from large format displays, video walls and projectors to brackets and cabling. Whatever the requirement we can tick pretty much every box. We can offer a good, better and best option, and we can be agnostic, not pushing one technology or vendor.”


Finding the right solution

The head teacher, business manager, and IT person may all need to be involved and there may only be one change to get them all together. “A lot of distributors rely on individual manufacturers to do demonstrations, but we can show everything in one session,” says Kaylor.

At Midwich, we have an extensive market knowledge, which means that we can provide resellers and their customers with the information they need to make an informed decision. “We have experience and contacts throughout the industry, and spreadsheets and tables of relevant data,” says Kaylor.

As well as being a one-stop-shop for product, we offer a comprehensive range of services from creating marketing materials to arranging leasing. “We can get it in front of the customer, supply it, finance, and support it. Plus, as well as having a deep understanding of the education market, our people are past masters at account management and relationship building.”

When we say: “our expertise is your advantage,” we mean it.