Combine IPTV & digital signage to create a personalised solution

Today, we’re introducing you to a brand that’s revolutionising the digital signage industry with their forward-thinking solutions for the retail, corporate, and hospitality markets. Intevi is a Hampshire-based digital media services and solutions provider that offer bespoke, turnkey packages to fit all your business needs, and their most recent product might just be their best yet!

So, what is the Intevi IDT System?

On their website, Intevi define their new venture as ‘the convergence of IPTV and Digital Signage’, explained through this handy graphic:

IDT system2


A combination of feature-rich software and hardware, the IDT system manages content from a variety of sources through to display PCs or TVs using an IP cloud network. The modular head supports media from both terrestrial and satellite inputs, as well as encoded feeds such as Sky boxes, cameras, or DVD players, all of which are easily managed through an online portal. Intevi have even developed a mobile app so you can configure both input and output on the go!

With regards to playout, the IDT system not only supports most screens and desktop computers, but also allows you to incorporate widgets into your stream. Whether it be background info such as weather, full-screen alerts for important information, or a personalised, branded template for your business, everything can be controlled from either your phone or the portal. You can switch between channels, post custom messages, as well as managing multiple screens with different content with absolutely no fuss!