iiyama for Education – Enabling interactive teaching

Research has shown that touchscreens have the advantage of being able to capture the attention of even very young students whilst improving comprehension and basic skills among children.

iiyama touchscreens have integrated interactive EasiNote writing software allowing users to make annotations on files opened directly from a USB device or internal storage. The Anti-glare screen drastically reduces ambient reflection in high brightness environments without compromising sharp clarity of the content.

Features include:

  • Range of screens from 42” to 70”
  • 5 year de-install/re-install warranty for education
  • Annotation software on the TH7067MIS-B1AG model and coming on the new TH6567MIS-B1AG
  • 10-point touch across the range
  • Software agnostic

Iiyama products are highly sought after within the education market. The Right for Success Academy Trust are one of many to write an excellent recommendation:

“The Right for Success Academy Trust has been pro-actively deploying iiyama interactive touchscreens across our academies for 2 years now and will continue to do so. We believe that iiyama displays offer unrivalled quality vs cost, fantastic after sales support and in real terms reduces our overheads in terms of IT. As a teacher, I use an iiyama touchscreen daily and it's a pure joy; HD, super responsive and never has to be calibrated. It's like having a 65inch tablet in your teaching toolbox and makes interactive lessons a breeze. Most importantly, the children understand and interact with my iiyama 65" and that is what I called engagement."

James Leverage IT Manager Right for Success Academy Trust