How collaboration can support end user savings in 3 easy steps

Collaboration certainly is the buzzword of the moment and has been for quite some time now. But, what does it mean today, how it is evolving for the working environment today and most importantly how will it benefit the end user and their business today?

Let’s be honest, the idea of collaboration probably strikes most employees with fear. The idea that walls will be demolished, all privacy will be lost and the business now requires extrovert, creative types at all times, constantly and openly offering ideas to the 'group' that might just change the world.

Today the phrase collaboration has evolved to offer an emphasis on balance and adapting the environment to make the most of the contribution potential from all personality types. Today, the place and time to collaborate must be right, it must suit all involved and must make sense, which in turn delivers quality, not quantity of contribution through collaboration.

So how will the end user and ultimately the business benefit from Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) technologies in the workplace?

1. Real time innovation
When the time is right and place is right for sharing, the team can get access to this information instantly. Great ideas, no matter where they originate are accessible by management and executive, speeding up innovation and growth across the organisation.

2. Marginal Gains
The costs of travel, accommodation, away days, team building and even phone bills may appear small on an individual basis, however removing this cost by making productive and useful spaces available on site, ready to use by employees whenever they need to, saves the business time and money.

3. Flash Millennials are especially supportive of collaboration to improve productivity
In many industries, younger and more tech-savvy employees are more likely to gravitate toward collaboration technology, since technology is such a large part of their life already. Since millennials are about to take over the workforce, now is the time for employers to take advantage of the generation that will save their business money.

In order to create the right space, using the right technology, Atlona understands that 'simple meetings demand simple systems'.

Attendees want to walk into a meeting space, open their laptop, and start a cloud-based conference instantly. But to get quality results, systems are designed with AV Extenders, USB extenders, USB hubs, remote controls, cameras, microphones and all the associated cable runs - the HDVS-300-KIT is designed to eliminate the clutter and system complexity in huddle spaces and meeting rooms where all of the elements are required.

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Naina Tailor, Head of Video Sales, Midwich commented:

"With this system attendees can walk into a meeting space, plug in their laptop, and start a cloud-based conference. The system is so simple that they don’t notice the complexity to extend AV and USB signals or turn on/off the projectors and screens. All they see is one cable to connect it all.

"Our team is excited that Atlona's system has been designed to eliminate the clutter and system complexity in huddle spaces where USB cameras and microphones are incorporated into professional AV systems, with just two devices and a single category cable.

"The new system is a welcome addition to our conferencing range, and we are looking forward to continued sales to the channel. Atlona’s technology has already opened up fantastic opportunities for us and our customers, and also complements our existing technologies perfectly within the technical video space.” 

Joshua Castro, Atlona Product Manager added: “This is a simple, elegant solution that eliminates a kluge of components and cabling that complicates system design, degrades reliability, and confuses users.

The AT-UHD-HDVS-300-KIT is compatible with sources and displays up to 4K/UHD @ 60 Hz with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling. Automatic input selection allows for hands-free transitions between presenters, and integrated display control enables automatic display on/off control as well as volume adjustment from the AT-UHD-HDVS-300-TX. The kit supports TCP/IP and RS-232 control for compatibility with advanced control systems, and it supports the Atlona Management System (AMS), which enables remote access for product configuration, troubleshooting, and system updates.

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