AMX Transform Divisible Rooms

Collaborative technology enables divisible meeting rooms in the workspace.

In 2020 the workplace looks very different to how it did just a couple of years ago. This is mainly due to the rapidly changing mentality to workspaces, most employers now have a flexible approach to working patterns and many are actively encouraging their employees to work remotely, at least some of the time. 

This flexible workspace attitude has been further adopted with the recent global pandemic, Covid-19 forcing even traditional offices to facilitate and enable their employees to work from home, meaning now more than ever companies worldwide need to adopt use the of collaborative and VC technology.

It is not just health concerns that have encouraged this mentality, offices in locations where real estate is at a premium would rather invest money into their workforce and back into the business, rather than wasting it on office space that isn’t fully utilised.

This outlook from businesses has caused architects to change the way the interior of these offices are designed, where collaboration and videoconferencing with remote workers is business priority. 

The Future of The Workspace

Previously, the standard workplace would have a large ‘office space’ where most of the employees work and alongside this, a large boardroom, as well as multiple smaller meeting rooms. 

Huddle Spaces have boomed in popularity over the past couple of years. Businesses have found that their staff prefer small meetings and VC enabled huddle spaces, rather than large meeting rooms. This has led to more intimate meeting rooms and drop-in spaces installed into the workspace. 

However, there is still a need for standard meeting rooms and large boardroom styled rooms in the office. Therefore, to make optimal use of these spaces, architects are increasingly installing devisable meeting rooms into offices, enabling the flexibility for a space to be opened up, or closed down, to cater to both small and large audiences.

What is a Huddle Space?

Quick and effective meetings have become a favourite in offices. As UC (Unified Collaboration) technology and interactive displays enter the workspace, offices are becoming more digital and smart offices are becoming standard. Despite this trend picking up momentum in the past couple of years, and the technology proving success and productivity, huddle spaces haven’t been widely adopted into every workspace. This is probably due to existing businesses and workspaces seeing this as an expensive project. However, architecture firms remodelling or building new offices are now designing workspaces with huddle rooms included in the floorplan.

One of the main technical requirements to any huddle space is a collaborative technology solution, like the AMX Acendo range. This range is the perfect solution that enables remote collaboration and boosts productivity. The Acendo range consists of the Acendo Vibe, Core and Book. 

The Acendo Vibe is a video conferencing soundbar with a camera that captures a wide-angle view of the room. With a 120-degree field of view, you can be sure that everyone can be seen. The built-in microphone array makes light work of picking up everyone’s speech while the built-in audio processing rejects any unwanted echo on the call. A single USB cable connected to a laptop or PC gives you use of the camera, microphone and speakers. Making it neat and clutter free of cabling.

The Acendo Core is a Windows 10 IoT device that connects a single display or dual displays. The Acendo Core supports all major UC platforms, including MS Teams, Zoom and Webex to name a few. With built-in calendar integration, every meeting is sure to start and end on time. One click meeting start allows for the user to launch a scheduled video call with just one click! The Acendo Core also sends push notifications to gently remind users their meeting is coming to an end but leaving the user in control of wrapping up the meeting or extending it.

The Acendo Book is a scheduling panel that integrates easily with scheduling software such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar. Giving you a quick visual reference for room availability and enables convenient booking and management of bookings on the fly. It even allows you to browse all other available rooms and make a booking straight from the panel.

What is a Divisible Room?

Following on from the demand for huddle spaces, businesses are demanding their offices and meeting rooms are more versatile and offer multiple use cases. A divisible meeting room allows for individuals to book out each room individually, but also book multiple rooms at once and open the dividing walls to create a larger room for a larger audience. What was once two separate meeting rooms can be transformed into one large room, this can be applied to any amount of meeting rooms and in a variety of combinations.

User adoption is key to these installations, not only do the rooms need to be easily transformed into a larger space, but the technology needs to also be easy to use. The AV equipment system needs to be designed to allow for this flexibility by being adaptable to whether the room is divided or has been opened. This can be done by cleverly designing triggers into the partition walls to activate different configurations of the AV systems depending on the open or divided state of the partition walls.

“Architects rarely have the advantage of designing divisible spaces with the expertise of an AV Integrator at hand. It's a lot more common for the office design and AV integration to end up as bookends on either side of an office fit out project. So whilst the architects and interior designers design innovative offices with the intention of creating flexible spaces, it’s up to AV Integrators to create technical solutions that ensure the proposed AV technology can truly support the intended flexibility of divisible rooms and multi-use spaces. This is where AMX can really help, with a full line up AV products that incorporate powerful control elements which allow for automated configuration of the AV, depending on the state of the divisible room partition walls. Making combining and separating each rooms AV systems something that happens “automatically” without the need for end users to operate complex AV control systems. Ensuring that no matter whether combined or separate all the available AV such as displays, speakers and microphones all operate in sync with any given room layout. i.e that all audio and video is confined to the space at hand.”

– Nicholas Bezuidenhout, AMX Business Development Manager.

AMX offers the DVX series to enable flexible AV solutions for divisible rooms. These presentation switchers can replace a rack full of equipment. The DVX is a one-box solution that is not only more affordable but is also easier to install, and easier to support and troubleshoot”

“This series of presentation switchers have transformed the market, providing businesses with a single box solution. It encapsulates all of the very best of not only AMX’s leading switching scaling and control technology but also incorporates some of the wider Harman product family with Crown amplifiers now being built into the latest models of the DVX.

Far too often, technology fails us when trying to present to a room, owing to the use of several different vendors equipment all being relied on to “play nice” with each other. The DVX series is designed and custom-built as a single unit solution for meeting rooms and learning environments. Making it a powerful presentation switcher which combines built-in control, switching, transport, digital sound processing and amplification.” – Nicholas Bezuidenhout, AMX Business Development Manager.

As well as the DVX Series, AMX offers an entry-level device, the AMX Incite. 

The AMX Incite is an innovative product which follows closely in the footsteps of the DVX all in one solution. With the addition of some very handy video processing capabilities for generating side-by-side and Picture-in-picture video layouts. Handy features for boardrooms and education spaces alike where there is a requirement to view two different video sources on a single screen at once. Along with the Incite creates much slicker presentations by generating transition effects when switching between sources. This makes for a really smooth visual experience.

Physical buttons on the front of the unit allow for failover control of switching and volume control. Ensuring peace of mind that should there be any issues with the control touch panel there is a back up to ensure meetings and lectures can go on!

If you would like to find out more about our AMX collaborative and meeting room technology, book a demo and meet with one of our AMX Business Development Managers.

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