NEC in Retail

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NEC in Retail

Increasingly, retail is becoming a 24/7 operation. As such, the focus in displays is not just on delivering compelling image quality – it’s about reliability, maintainability and minimal cost of ownership through smart display management and power-efficient technologies.

That same focus on minimising cost of ownership applies equally to videowalls and interactive displays – as well as projectors. And, whatever the application: while outstanding image quality is a given, no less important is the high brightness necessary to compete against high ambient light. Similarly, displays that are slim, lightweight and unobtrusive, which enables them to complement an environment while being easier to install.

Whatever the display application, find out what’s possible with NEC. 


Perfect for Shop Interiors

NEC 55" Video Wall Display

Perfect for Leisure Environments

NEC 75" X754 High Bright LED Display

Perfect for Back Office

NEC 55" Video Wall Display

NEC OPS Slot-in PC

Available in various configurations & Compatible with certain NEC LFD & Projector Models

Possible Mount for NEC PX803UL/PX10004UL

Chief Heavy Duty Universal Projector Mount (CHIEFVCMU)