LED in Retail

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LED in Retail

LED technology is delivering real results for the retail industry. Its extreme high brightness and modular construction means it is flexible in every sense in terms of where it can be deployed.

Developments in LED displays make them extremely suitable for indoor environments. Pixel pitches are reducing rapidly, meaning that LED displays can be comfortably viewed from much closer – sometimes as little as a metre – and their brightness, modularity and bezel-less construction can be turned to advantage in almost any retail environment.


Perfect for Shop Exteriors

Absen N4D BLK, 4mm highbright indoor LED display

Perfect for Shop Interiors

Absen N2 BLK, 2.4mm indoor LED display

Perfect for Shopping Malls

Absen N4 BLK, 4mm indoor LED display

Perfect for Car Showrooms

Absen N3 BLK, 3.2mm indoor LED display

Perfect for Car Parks

Absen L3, 3.9mm outdoor LED display

Perfect for Leisure Environments

Samsung IF020H, 2mm indoor LED display

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