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Power protection, conditioning, and analytical products that control the unstable nature of the power grid to reduce equipment error-codes, lockups, reboots, and service calls.

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360° of Protection

The Most Advanced Power Protection & Conditioning Technology

SurgeX Advanced Series Mode® technology completely eliminates surge energy, allowing zero let-through voltage to reach connected equipment. Along with their catastrophic over/under voltage shutdown, impedance tolerant EMI/RFI filter, and inrush current elimination SurgeX provides 360° of advanced power protection to keep electronic equipment up and running.

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Distributed exclusively by Midwich in the UK and Ireland, Midwich supplies SurgeX products to trade customers, alongside offering UK based training and technical support. Contact us to find out more.

Alternatively are you a non-trade customer looking for a SurgeX installer? Let us know your requirments and we can put you in touch with one of our installer partners.

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SurgeX Products

SurgeX Axess ELITE


IP addressable two-way communication, manages system energy usage, can sequence individual outlets, monitors power usage at the system level, controls expansion units from the master unit, and monitors a system’s energy consumption by each connected device.

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AC/DC power protection, boxed network control, and analytical software in one chassis. Its compact design and robust features meet the unique needs of collaborative flex environments, home offices, and other tight-spaced AV environments. You’ll no longer have to install a product for AC, another for DC, and yet another to monitor and control the power environment.

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SurgeX Remote Turn-On

Remote Turn-On

Comprehensive mains power protection and conditioning to safeguard AV equipment from harmful electrical transients that can cause equipment malfunction and downtime. They allow technicians to turn equipment on or off remotely for quick reboots that can reduce service calls.

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SurgeX Rack Mount

Rack Mount

Comprehensive mains power protection and conditioning to safeguard AV equipment from harmful electrical transients that can cause malfunction and downtime. Does not produce harmful earth contamination or common-mode disturbances.

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SurgeX Sequencers


Powers electronic equipment up or down in order, rather than simultaneously. Prevents circuit tripping and noise when turning on multiple pieces of equipment at the same time. Comprehensive mains power protection and conditioning to safeguard AV equipment from harmful electrical transients that can cause malfunction and downtime.

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SurgeX Branch Circuit

Branch Circuit

Surge elimination and power conditioning at the service panel for whole room protection. Built with a professional-grade NEMA magnetic shielding steel enclosure that meets code for use at the service entrance, sub-panels, and in-ceiling plenums.

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SurgeX Standalone


Surge protection and power conditioning outside of a rack. Its compact design easily fits along, behind, or near equipment, takes up minimal space, and is perfect for AV, surveillance, and monitoring systems.

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SurgeX Defender Series

Defender Series

Power protection and conditioning for cost-conscious applications. It is the perfect choice to safeguard non-critical electronic equipment at an affordable price.

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SurgeX enVision


Predictive analytics software that provides visibility and control into the power conditions at a customer’s site by gathering and analysing data to facilitate root cause discussions with affected customers. It interprets the data into key metrics and trends, and baselines the factors that influences equipment operation, damage conditions, and inefficiencies.

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SurgeX UPS Standalone

UPS Standalone

Clean continuous power, via online double-conversion technology, to ensure the safe shutdown of equipment or transfer of power in the event of an outage. Zero transfer time guarantees mission critical equipment remains up and running. Experience a seamless transition during short-term outages and easily convert to a backup supply with SurgeX UPS Standalone solutions.

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SurgeX Defender Series

UPS Large Format

Regenerate AC power via true online double-conversion technology coupled with an isolation transformer to entirely re-establish the neutral to ground bond. Unique to the industry, this combination eradicates harmonics and common mode noise to guarantee optimum performance and reliability.

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