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The RICOH transition

PFU joined the RICOH Group in 2022 and the market leading product lines fi Series, SP Series and ScanSnap formerly under the Fujitsu brand will be rebranded as RICOH. The priority of PFU EMEA Limited and Midwich is to reassure you that everything is very much business as usual. We remain 100% committed to you and your customers as we continue to deliver exactly the same products, made in the same factories by the same workforce.

Simply purchase the iX1300, iX1400 or iX1600 and you'll be able to submit your claim 30 days after purchase and your FREE shredder will be shipped straight to your doorstep within 60 days of your claim approval!

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We expect this transition to be seamless: the product ranges, high standards and processes will remain the same. If you have any questions about this transition, please get in touch.


Scan it. Shred it. End user promotion.

From now until the 30th of April 2024, your customers will be able to claim a FREE Leitz IQ Home Office P4 Shredder with any purchase of the ScanSnap iX1300, iX1400 or iX1600 scanners.

RICOH ScanSnap iX600

ScanSnap offers powerful, efficient performance

The next generation of the ScanSnap iX series scanners is designed to help any user achieve maximum productivity, with advanced organisational features that give customers greater control, effortlessly.

The benefits of ScanSnap
  • PC-free scanning
  • Automated, intuitive operation
  • Ultra-fast set-up and start up

How this promotion works

Your customers purchase a ScanSnap iX1300, iX1400 or iX1600. Once purchased they need to wait at least 30 days but no more than 60 to visit the claim redemption page and input their name, company name, address, product details and upload their proof of purchase.

Once this is completed the customer will receive an email confirmation of their claim and within 30 days, their FREE Leitz Home P4 Shredder delivered straight to their doorstep!

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RICOH fi-8040

The RICOH fi-8040 Series

Key features
  • PC-less scanning: save time by scanning directly to workflows or email addresses
  • DirectScan application: saves operators time by reducing complexity and simplifying the scanning process
  • High image quality: industry-leading OCR accuracy rates with Clear Image Capture
  • Intuitive operation: using a 10.9cm touchscreen with programmable buttons
  • Solid performance: 40ppm, 50 sheet ADF capacity
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NEW ScanSnap iX1300

The RICOH fi-8000 Series

Delivering state-of-the-art performance and long-term strategic advantage.

Midwich and RICOH understand the need for an efficient document solution to provide success. The RICOH fi-8000 series supports digital transformation with industry-leading accuracy and an intuitive user experience, built on technology you can trust.

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Explore the latest research from Quocirca on the importance of scanning in digitisation

The PaperStream Software Portfolio

3 more reasons to buy ScanSnap

A longer warranty period gives you even more peace of mind
Extra warranty reflects ScanSnap quality that keeps on delivering, time after time
Expert help
Expert help is always at hand if you ever need it
NEW ScanSnap iX1300

Introducing the ScanSnap iX1300

Research by Fujitsu found that 71% believe hybrid working will make their business more resilient. With this new agile way of working, we can all find ourselves working in new space, and sometimes tight spaces.

The smart and ultra-compact iX1300 is designed to fit into any office desk or home office setup, helping you stay productive wherever life takes you.

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NEW ScanSnap iX1600 and iX1400 models

Introducing the ScanSnap iX1600 and iX1400 models.

The ScanSnap iX1600 is the ideal scanner for home and office workers. It’s easy to use and extremely efficient, helping you reduce your paperwork, get organised, collaborate with others and maximise your productivity. The ScanSnap iX1400 offers advanced, yet refreshingly simple technology that anyone can use. Its one-touch scanning is the smarter way to work for busy individuals, turning time-consuming chores into simple tasks at the push of a button. Just scan, save, and share.

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Fujitsu fi-800R: Where customer service meets customer satisfaction Versatile scanning for a seamless customer experience

The fi-800R combines passport, ID and document scanning to transform front desk operations. With automated data capture and a compact footprint that fits anywhere, you can deliver a seamless experience for customers.

  • Dual path capability
  • Space-saving design
  • No-fuss ID and passport scanning
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Impressive speed
  • Robust build
  • Industry-leading image quality
  • Software automation

Opening up new and exciting opportunities within industries such as tourism, automotive, recruitment, banking, education and any environment that has a need to speedily and intuitively capture identification.

Fujitsu fi-800R personal document scanner

Scanner Range

Scanner Series

The RICOH partner program

Join RICOH’s Imaging Channel Program and Imaging Alliance Program for free and gain exclusive membership benefits such as:

  • Access to RICOH’s team of experts, pricing models, development tools and communities
  • Access to webinars that are regularly updated and include topics such as the ScanSnap range and warranty promotion, fi-8040 webinar with Q&A, the brand transition webinar and so much more
  • Business support in the form of an Account Manager
  • Commercial support that includes access to the RICOH evaluation program and use of their business facilities
As a partner of these programs, you will not only be the first to get the latest news, information and offers but also be enabled to equip any business with the tools and support needed to stay ahead of the competition.

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Patner Program

Product Spotlight

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 A4 DT Workgroup Document Scanner


For those with a need for speed, the next generation iX1600 offers the ultimate in personal productivity.
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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1400 A4 DT Workgroup Document Scanner


For individuals and IT novices, the beautifully simple iX1400 can digitise, process and organise all your documents from one easy device.
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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 A4 Document Scanner


Ideal for individuals or small teams wanting a simple way to improve personal productivity by quickly digitising and automatically organising paperwork.
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Fujitsu fi-7300NX A4 Web Based Capture Scanner


A scanner that provides seamless integration into business systems. Users can scan and save documents without any requirement for a local computer.
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Fujitsu fi-7030 A4 Workgroup Document Scanner


The fi-7030 offers speed, versatility, and the opportunity for enterprises and public administration offices to move to digital transformation with a professional entry point to information capture.
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Fujitsu fi-8150 A4 ADF Workgroup Scanner


The fi-8150 offers an innovative and superior scanning experience. Compact and reliable, the scanner achieves scan speeds of 50 ppm/100 ipm (200/300 dpi, colour, A4 portrait), loads up to 100 sheets at a time and comes equipped with a capability of scanning up to 8,000 sheets a day.
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Fujitsu fi-8170 Document Scanner


The fi-8170 offers an innovative and superior scanning experience. Compact and reliable, the scanner achieves scan speeds of 70 ppm/140 ipm (200/300 dpi, colour, A4 portrait), loads up to 100 sheets at a time, and comes equipped with a capability of scanning up to as many as 10,000 sheets a day.
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Fujitsu fi-7460 A3 Workgroup Document Scanner


The smallest A3 scanner in its class, capable of scanning even A2 and A1 size documents, is perfect for office use. Its versatile feeding capability runs from regular A8 to A3 sizes, and extends to folded A2 and A1 documents as well as plastic cards.
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Fujitsu fi-7480 A3 Workgroup Document Scanner


The fi-7480 scans at the high-speed of 80 ppm / 160 ipm (A4, landscape, Color, 200 / 300 dpi). It wakes from power-saving sleep mode in 1 second or less, so you can scan straight away and continue working effortlessly - with no pauses or interruptions.
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Fujitsu fi-800R A4 Personal Document Scanner


With its compact design, the scanner is ideal to use when space is limited, enabling better customer onboarding in spaces like reception desks and service counters.
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Digitising your HR Function

For most, the HR department is at the core of every business. Did you know digitising your HR function can eliminate most of the productivity and cost-efficiency challenges faced by most HR departments? Midwich have teamed up with Fujitsu to explain the benefits digital transformation can deliver.

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Organisational Intelligence

Organisational Intelligence is the capacity of an organisation to derive maximum value from its information. It involves the ability to create flexible knowledge pathways that add value at every stage to every employee. An intelligent organisation uses insight to strategically adapt to its environment or marketplace.

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