Helping capture and deliver stories, Panasonic offers projection, display and camera solutions to businesses that require innovative technology. Whether it’s for education, corporate, rental, staging or leisure sectors, with Panasonic you don’t ever need to compromise on quality!

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Built to last, designed to impress – Panasonic has been the leading light in screen projection solutions for more than 35 years. Following the Japanese standard for innovation, Panasonic projectors ensure crisp, bright and colourful images with minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency!


Panasonic PT-VMZ71 Series

Weighing just 7.0 kg (15.43 lbs), PT-VMZ71 Series is the smallest and lightest LCD laser projector in its class1 with up to 7,000 lumens from a compact, easy-to-manage body. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry from room to room, and simple to install on the ceiling. The projector’s smooth styling and quiet operation harmonize with your interior space, blending in and keeping attention focused on the presentation.


Panasonic PT-MZ880 Series

Refined optical engine delivers an ideal balance of high brightness and vivid colour for clear visibility in well-lit rooms. With a selection of display modes optimized to suit different kinds of content and screen surfaces and dynamic optimization technologies that continuously adjust the image to suit the environment and content, your audience will enjoy comfortably visible pictures without turning the room lights off.


Panasonic PT-MZ20K Series

Introducing the world’s smallest and lightest LCD projector with 20,000lm. Optimised optical efficiency has resulted in a 25 % increase in brightness from the same body size as the 16,000 lm2 PT-MZ16KL. Images from PT-MZ20K Series are easily visible even in brightly lit areas and it achieves the world’s quietest operation at 42 dB2. When a quieter environment is required, noise level can be further reduced to 36 dB3 by setting the projector to QUIET Mode.


Displaying important messages and sharing engaging content, large format displays are crucial to our everyday lives. From the reception to the meeting room and classrooms, professional 4K displays are ideal for the widening needs of corporate and education environments.


Panasonic CQE2 Series

The Panasonic Connect CQE2 Series 4K Professional display is designed for 16-hours/day continuous operation and crystal-clear viewing. The display provides a brightness of 400cd/m2 to 500cd/m², depending on the model, with an anti-glare panel and minimum haze treatment, reducing the reflection of ambient light and vastly improving visibility. Not only that, but the displays also come equipped with a USB-C, 3 USB-A and 4 HDMI ports, as well as a built-in speaker.


Panasonic SQE2 Series

4K standard model that combines high reliability with 24-hour continuous operation and expandability to meet diverse needs. Available in 7 sizes from the 43-inch model to the 98-inch model. The 500 cd/m² brightness allows for clear video viewing in brightly lit conference rooms, classrooms and retail spaces. The SQE2 series is equipped with HDMI™ IN, HDMI™ OUT, USB-C, USB-A, DisplayPort and Intel® SDM specification ports as well as a built-in speaker.


Panasonic EQ2 Series

The EQ2 Series displays 4K resolution images at a brightness of 500 cd/m², ensuring high visibility even in bright environments. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, allowing you to choose the installation orientation according to the content. It also supports installation with a forward/backward tilt of up to 20 degrees, so it can be wall-mounted or tilted to a comfortable viewing angle.

PTZ Cameras


Panasonic provides a comprehensive remote camera solution that facilitates UHD (4K), Full-HD and SD for a wide range of applications – all via IP. From fixed-rig TV productions to supporting the growth of e-learning within higher learning for lecture capture, from live streaming to corporate use in auditoriums, our remote cameras support the most difficult of shooting conditions in both indoor and outdoor situations.

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Collaboration Products

The ability to share, collaborate and present information has never been more important. Panasonic has a range of collaboration solutions that simplify the way we work or learn, offering inclusive, intuitive and high-quality technology.

Press IT


“PressIT” is Panasonic’s Wireless Presentation System that allows easy screen collaboration with just a single press of a button. Simple solution for existing meeting spaces!

PressIT 360

PressIT 360

PressIT360 is the all-in-one web conferencing system with a high-performance 360-degree camera, mic and speakers, supporting a hybrid working environment that connects online with offline.

Case Studies

Panasonic has proudly supplied visual systems to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, events and organisations. Read our case studies to find out more.



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