Wherever we are, good lighting is essential in our day-to-day lives. Good lighting control gives energy-efficient and comfortable light well-suited to our activity and environment.

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Why invest in lighting control?

Office environment

Energy, people and performance.

Lighting control always provides additional savings, no matter how efficient the existing luminaries are. About 25% of the energy usage in any given building is from lighting, and with lighting control, up to 50% of this can be saved. But saving energy is not the whole story. Providing the perfect light for the activity or task dramatically enhances work performance. By adapting the workspace to the individual’s needs, a more comfortable environment facilitates greater productivity.

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Your all-in-one simple, scalable wireless lighting control solution to save energy and improve building performance.

Key features & benefits

  • Easy to design, simple to install (up to 70% faster than wired control solutions!) and update meaning you can meet the needs of your building faster, within budget and future-proof your investment.
  • Solve problems from the palm of your hand – adjust effortlessly using just your phone with step-by-step instructions allowing you to easily adapt to changes and meet today’s building regulations
  • Start with one area and grow over time. The Vive app means changes can be made without calls to the manufacturer.
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Elevate your space with the magic of light and intelligent shades. Make a statement and enhance experiences in any environment with tuneable white and warm dimming.

The Athena Lighting Designer App enables you to adjust your lighting intuitively in real-time, meaning you easily can create the perfect environment.

The Athena Dashboard offers data and visualisation across multiple buildings from any browser. By seeing how your spaces are used, you can make well-informed building management decisions.

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The importance of energy efficiency

Lutron are and always have been committed to saving customers energy. With the current high costs of living and the recently published building regulations, this has never been more important. From June 2022, Part L2 of the Building Regulations have been in force, some of the requirements mean buildings need to be more energy efficient and for no areas to be over lit. With Lutron’s eco-friendly lighting solutions, customers can save up to 60% on energy costs.

Ever since Lutron was founded in 1961 and introduced the first electronic rotary dimmer, people have never looked at light in the same way. The dimmer is a highly effective way of reducing energy costs and Lutron continues to build a legacy of conservation with their innovative, sustainable lighting solutions.

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