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OLED Explained

LG OLED TV ensures the Perfect Black with over 8 million self-lighting pixels which can control their own luminance individually. It brings out the richness in all colours, uncovering hidden details and producing a higher quality viewing experience.

OLED Screen

Better picture quality

OLED TVs incorporate their own color filters to produce deeper blacks and a wider gamut array. The lack of a permanently-on backlight creates higher contrast ratios. OLED displays have refresh rates that are much faster than LCD/LED with a boost from 480 Hz to 100,000 Hz.

“If you’re serious about your viewing experience and you’re passionate about watching beautiful imagery and well told stories, then why wouldn’t you want to watch it in the best presentation that you could find, and I think the LG OLED TV is that.”

– Tim Miller, Director of Deadpool


The LG OLED C8 range of televisions offer perfect colour on perfect black. The OLED pixels create an astonishingly accurate and wide colour range, presented on a perfect black background, which is only available from self-emitting pixels.

The inbuilt Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor is exclusive to LG and optimised to deliver clean and sharp images with accurate colour and even more detailed HDR images.

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Dean Little from LG talks us through the benefits of their OLED technology, with one analogy that definitely went over Ciaran's head!

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