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Connected magazine is a tech-focused magazine aimed at helping you learn how to enhance your environment and use technology to complement your current offering.

Connected offers an insightful and timely mix of news, projects, opinions, interviews and feature articles.

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Entertainment in Focus

This technology magazine explores how technology has transformed the entertainment, film and music industry with virtual production, Esports and the Metaverse.

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Collaboration in Focus

The working space has changed drastically. Flexibility has taken over and businesses have adopted remote, hybrid and agile workspaces. In this edition, discover how to future-proof the office.

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Innovation in Focus

As many parts of the globe have entered into the ‘endemic’, we will truly see what the ‘new-normal’ looks like as industries settle after 2 years of uncertainty.

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Retail Solutions in Focus

Work smarter not harder with technology in retail. In an industry where each storefront is fighting for the shopper’s attention, technology can help stand you stand apart.

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Education Solutions in Focus

During the COVID-19 pandemic, education was arguably one of the most affected industries. Education institutes that had previously resisted technological advances, were forced to adopt it.

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Corporate Solutions in Focus

In the new world of hybrid working, technology has had to evolve to enable virtual meetings in the time of social distancing, temperature testing and digital signage showing live messaging.

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