The NEW Barco ClickShare video bars

The ultimate collaboration experience in just one click

The NEW ClickShare video bars enable effortless, engaging collaboration in hybrid meeting rooms and classrooms. Offering guaranteed flawless connectivity with any videoconferencing platform.

The NEW Barco ClickShare video bars
Carbon-neutral technology

Carbon-neutral technology

The two NEW ClickShare video bars are carbon-neutral all-in-one video bars for engaging, effortless wireless conferencing in hybrid conference rooms with any videoconferencing platform.

Ideal for meetings

Ideal for meetings

Meetings are started in seconds. Participants just have to open their laptop, start a meeting and connect team members in the office with remote participants. Users can expect sharp views, crystal-clear audio and naturally communication between all participants.

Simplified IT installation

Simplified IT installation

This solution offers IT managers simplified installation and reduced TCO, while guaranteeing equitable, highest-quality meetings thanks to its advanced AV and interactive capabilities.

Forget cables. Forget technology hassle. Forget unengaged employees. Just meaningful hybrid collaboration and increased productivity so employees love meeting again.

ClickShare wireless conferencing video bars:

✔️ Empower you   ✔️ Are built around you   ✔️ Makes life easier   ✔️ Covers you

The ultimate collaboration experience in just one click

Empowering high-quality hybrid meetings and lessons

  • Crystal-clear communication between remote and on-site meeting participants or students.
  • Display content and remote participants side-by-side at all times.
  • In-depth collaboration thanks to interactive features such as touchback, blackboarding and annotation.
  • A sharp, extensive view of the meeting room or classroom and its on-site participants with the 4K camera featuring 120° FOV and multiple framing options such as Group Framing, Speaker Framing and Composition View.

ClickShare Bar Pro

ClickShare Bar Pro

Premium all-in-one video bar for engaging, effortless wireless conferencing in medium-sized meeting rooms.

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ClickShare Bar Core

ClickShare Bar Core

All-in-one video bar for engaging, effortless wireless conferencing in small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

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Unveiling the Barco stand at ISE 2024

Watch the full Barco interview about their stand at ISE 2024 and learn more about all that Barco has to offer!

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With hybrid, remote and flexible working considered the new normal, it’s paramount that devices and technology used in-office and remote are fully secure, accessible and compatible with existing IT infrastructure. Finding budget-friendly tools that provide intuitive, simple and collaborative experiences is a challenge for businesses and IT departments.

Cue... Barco ClickShare

Barco ClickShare is a multi-award-winning collaboration solution that works in just one click. Simply walk into a meeting room with your laptop and the system automatically wakes up. Like magic, you’re wirelessly connected to the central screen, camera and speakers in the room. People joining remotely feel as present as people in the room, so hybrid teams are happy and engaged throughout.

Make your hybrid meetings intuitive and stress-free with smart meeting flows.

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The benefits of Barco ClickShare


Empower workers

When everyone in the meeting is clearly heard and seen, whether they’re sitting around the meeting room table or working from their kitchen worktop, authentic interactions and productive conversations are guaranteed.


It’s built around you

ClickShare integrates with existing meeting room technology and perfectly fits into any type of meeting room. Plus, guests can join from any device ensuring meetings are seamless and inclusive.


Life is easier

Running high-quality meetings from your laptop is as simple as picking up the phone. There’s no hassle with control panels, passwords or messy cables.


We’ve got you covered

Security, stability, sustainability and ease of use are all part of the ClickShare ethos so businesses can enjoy peace of mind in hybrid working environments. Regular updates ensure systems are always up to date, so you don’t have to worry about your investment.

IT departments

Less stress on IT departments

Work life can be challenging for IT departments. Software upgrades and locked accounts are peanuts compared to new implementations or ever-changing tools and solutions. ClickShare frees up your time and helps eliminate the daily breaks and fix issues.

What is Barco ClickShare?

Barco ClickShare is a multi-award-winning technology solution, split into three key ranges:

ClickShare Present

ClickShare Present

Wireless BYOD in your fixed conference room

Keep the focus and aim for true collaboration in your existing Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex Room. Complete the collaborative experience with full Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), interactivity features and workflow integration.

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ClickShare Conference

ClickShare Conference

Wireless BYOM for better hybrid meetings

Turn any room into a hybrid meeting room. Enable true Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM). Host calls from your laptop, use your preferred UC&C platform, and wirelessly connect to the meeting room display and AV peripherals.

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SmartCare for ClickShare

SmartCare is a free service package included in the purchase of every ClickShare Conference and Present unit. It provides your business with budget predictability, swift hardware replacement and expert support from both Barco and our partners for up to 5 years.

We've got your back with:

  • 5-year coverage upon registering your ClickShare devices
  • Increased service levels
  • 5 year analytics and insights subscription
  • XMS Cloud & product knowledge base

The benefits:

  • Peace of mind and reduced downtime in case of a defect
  • Better ROI. Safeguard your investment at predictable cost
  • Guaranteed best user experience through the entire product lifetime

ClickShare 2.18 is here!

As if ClickShare wasn’t already extraordinary enough, Barco’s new firmware upgrade packs even more functionality into this tiny powerhouse of a device.

So, what’s been improved in 2.18?

  • Enhancement in-room system switching:
    Automatic switching is now supported also for Windows-based modular set-ups.
  • Advanced layout for ultrawide displays:
    Thanks to this improvement, content on screen can be shown using full available pixel space without distracting black borders.
  • Improvements on user experience:
    1) Rating flow is improved.
    2) HostFlow made available for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls.
  • Improvements on admin experience:
    1) Calendar integration has been improved and made easy on XMS Cloud.
    2) A single MSI has been developed for both App and drivers.

Want to know more? See for yourself!

Unlock the full potential by upgrading your devices

  • The Base Unit firmware can be installed or scheduled via XMS or the ClickShare Configurator.
  • ClickShare Buttons upgrade automatically over Wi-Fi.
  • For the ClickShare Desktop App, it’s recommended to download and install the latest version manually to ensure the App automatically upgrades to future releases. Once installed, an auto-upgrade function will keep the App up to date.
  • The iOS and Android App upgrade according to your mobile device settings.
  • The XMS Cloud upgrade runs automatically.

Experience the world of Barco ClickShare at Innovation House

Discover first-hand how Barco Clickshare simplifies content sharing, enhances team collaboration and elevates productivity through an immersive demo. Learn everything you need to know to set up and configure ClickShare for your customers from our house residents, bringing unrivalled expertise to your arsenal.

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Programs and accreditations



Get a significant discount on a new ClickShare model when your old Barco or competitive device is traded in. Not only is this an upgrade with improved features of the latest ClickShare generation, but it also helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

Free trial

30-day free trial

Available to end-users only, simply register and Barco will send you the solution and pick it up in 4 weeks. This is a unique opportunity to try before you buy and see how hybrid meetings should be run! And if you love ClickShare, we can get you officially set up.

Mi Support

Mi Support

Discover Midwich’s loan fleet to help you see the wonders of Barco ClickShare so you can share it with your customers too.

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Barco Connect! Partner Program

To help you bring Barco’s industry-leading solutions to the market, we developed the unique Connect! channel partner program. It has everything you need to grow your pipeline, close the deal and be more profitable with Barco solutions.

  • The opportunity to sell a wide range of unique products
  • A great set of sales, marketing and training tools to support your business
  • Rewards and benefits that increase as your commitment to Barco strengthens
Mi Support

Public Sector Discount

For public sector industries like hospitals, councils and education, we're offering up to 10% discount off the MSRP across the ClickShare range, even for single units! Simply register your opportunity with Midwich or Barco.

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Latest news

Maximise your Barco experience

In September 2021 ClickShare released their latest firmware update to make hybrid meetings even easier. Check out the benefits below and click the button for a simple step-by-step guide.


We've selected some handy documents and videos to help you get the most out of your Barco ClickShare experience.

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Mastering workplace transformation with Barco

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ClickShare Alliance Partners

Transforming the meeting experience together

That is why Barco allies with other top players in their fields of expertise to build the best solutions available. By combining complementary strengths, we can optimise the integration of the systems and offer one single solution to the customer. We want to create a win-win situation for all parties involved, our customers in the first place.

Together we can:

Simplify deployment | Optimise efficiency | Minimise reaction time | Reduce costs

Partners include:

Panasonic Business

Please contact your account manager or Mark Corbyn. You can also request a call back using the form below. | 01379 647509

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