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C2G, a brand of Legrand | AV, is an industry leading manufacturer of high-performance cabling and connectivity solutions. C2G boasts an expansive and ever-growing portfolio of over 2,000 products, ranging from HDMI cables to USB connectors, power supply cables to the very best in Cat cable solutions. Covering AV, USB, networking and power solutions, C2G cables are the future-proof choice for any industry or business. These end-to-end connectivity solutions serve a variety of markets–including corporate, digital signage, education, healthcare, home theatre, hospitality, and government.

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USB4 – Experience the power of the new USB4 Cable

Elevating the way, you connect

C2G’s latest USB4 cables are designed with cutting edge technology, elevating performance with increased data transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps, impressive power delivery and dynamic bandwidth sharing. A cable and connection you can rely on.


  • Lightning Speed - USB4 brings all the existing features of USB 3.2 and its predecessors, with even faster data transfer speeds. It uses two-lane cables to operate at up to 40Gbps.
  • Packed with power – USB4 packs a punch, delivering up to 100W of power for ultra-fast charging, leaving your devices charged and ready to go.
  • Backwards Compatible – USB4 cables were designed with compatibility in mind. USB4 supports previous USB iterations, Thunderbolt 4 technology and DisplayPort Alt mode 2.0. As a USB-C technology, USB4 will still operate using the existing Type-C connector.
  • Share Bandwidth Dynamically - USB4 stands apart from its previous iterations with the ability to dynamically monitor bandwidth requirements of connected displays from both lanes. What does that mean for your setup? You’ll be able to utilise unused bandwidth for data or video transfer in either of the two lanes.

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C2G - LegrandAV C2G28886

2.5ft (0.8m) Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C® Cable (40Gbps)
This Thunderbolt 4 USB-C Cable brings lightning-speed data transfers, 4K video support, and power delivery up to 100W. Get more done with less hassle by carrying one cable for the simplest, most reliable and fastest connectivity for video, data and power.
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C2G - LegrandAV C2G28878

3.3ft (1m) USB-C® Male to USB-C Male Cable (20V 5A) - USB4® 40Gbps
This USB4 USB-C Cable brings lightning-speed data transfers, up to 8K video support and power delivery up to 100W – perfect for connecting USB4 enabled devices for fast charging and quick data transfers.
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HDMI – offering commercial A/V connectivity

HDMI® is the most popular audio/video connection in commercial environments. Carrying both uncompressed audio and video at resolutions up to 4K, HDMI serves as a versatile platform for designing commercial audio video systems.

The C2G HDMI product portfolio includes solutions that are a must have in all installations from the board room to the classroom.

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Spotlight products


C2G - LegrandAV C2G82004

1m HDMI Male-Male with Ethernet 4k Cable
Connect a multimedia device to a display and support the latest HDMI features including Ultra HD, 4k at 50/60 (2160p), up to 32 audio channels and wide angle theatrical 21:9 video aspect ratio
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C2G - LegrandAV C2G41480

C2G Performance Series High Speed HDMI Active Optical Cable
The perfect solution for extending HDMI signals in classrooms, meeting spaces, and other commercial applications requiring high speed HDMI features and video resolutions up to 4K (4096 x 2160) at 60Hz.
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C2G - LegrandAV C2G30028

Universal 4K HDMI® Dongle Adapter Ring with Color Coded Mini DisplayPort™, DisplayPort, and USB-C
The Universal 4K HDMI Dongle Adapter Ring is the perfect addition to conference rooms, huddle spaces, lecture halls, or classrooms to make sure that anyone can connect. The standard configuration includes the adapters to connect nearly any device to the in-room display while supporting up to a 4K video resolution.
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C2G - LegrandAV C2G30010

HDMI HDBaseT Extender over Cat Box Transmitter to Box Receiver - 4K 60Hz
This HDMI HDBaseT Extender supports 4K resolutions at 60Hz up to 130ft and 1080p at 60Hz up to 230ft when using a single, recommended Cat6a Ethernet cable. Also, extend 4K at 60Hz up to 115ft and 1080p at 60Hz up to 200ft when using Cat5e or Cat6 cabling.
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C2G - LegrandAV C2G84310

Conference Room Video Hub - HDMI® and USB-C®
The Conference Room Video Hub is the perfect addition to display and share 4K content in conference rooms and huddle spaces, allowing multiple users to connect and switch between their laptops and tablets – all over a single HDMI cable connected to the display.
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CAT Cables

Delivering the very best in Power Over Ethernet (POE) and networking solutions, C2G offers Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a cables in a wide range of lengths and colours, ready for use in any home or office.

Varieties of C2G CAT cables include slim, snagless, non-booted, shielded, unshielded, crossover and bulk size. Whatever the need, C2G has got a CAT cable for the job!

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Spotlight products


C2G – LegrandAV C2G83447

1.5m Cat6 Booted Unshielded (UTP) Network Patch Cable – Red
For fast Ethernet and Gigabit computer networks that require bandwidth-intensive voice, data, or video distribution applications. Meets all Cat6 TIA/EIA standards, and drastically reduces both impedance and structural return loss (SRL).
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C2G - LegrandAV 83152

100m Grey Cat5e Snagless Booted Unshielded (UTP) Network Patch Cable
Snagless booted design for network adapters, hubs, switches, routers, DSL/cable modems, patch panels and other high-performance networking applications. For fast Ethernet networks that require bandwidth-intensive voice, data or video distribution applications.
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C2G – LegrandAV C2G30127

3ft (0.9m) Cat6a Snagless Unshielded (UTP) Slim Ethernet Patch Cable – Blue
The Cat6a Snagless Unshielded (UTP) Slim Network Patch Cable is the perfect solution for high density cabling applications such as large conference rooms and datacenters. The molded, snagless boot prevents unwanted cable snags during installation and provides extra strain relief. Available in a variety of colors to easily color-code your network installation.
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