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Bose Professional brings unforgettable moments alive

It’s that moment. The one when the featured act brings everyone to their feet during the show’s encore. Or when the worship team rises to its powerful crescendo and moves the entire congregation. And it’s the key moment during a conference call that connects and unites a work team from around the globe.

Pro audio is about building incredible experiences, one piece at a time.

That’s what Bose Professional does.

And you’re not just investing in a product. With Midwich, you’re investing in a dedicated team of experts, ensuring you receive the best advice, support and solutions tailored to your customer’s specific needs. From selecting the right Bose Professional product for your project to configuring complex audio setups, Midwich has you covered. We’ve got an impressive portfolio but our customer-centric approach is what really sets us apart.

Bose is dedicated to pro audio excellence

Bose Professional is dedicated to pro audio excellence

Helping create amazing experiences through pro audio excellence isn’t just what Bose Professional does, it’s in its DNA.

Bose Professional is dedicated to pro audio ingenuity. For more than 50 years, Bose Professional has developed audio systems that are easy to design, install and operate for performance, commercial and conferencing applications.

For Bose Professional, it goes beyond creating groundbreaking innovations that helped shape an entire industry, it’s about putting these technologies to work with real-world pro audio products and solutions that help you deliver those unforgettable moments that can last a lifetime.

Simplify commercial sound with AudioPack Pro, by Bose Professional

The AudioPack Pro systems eliminate the guesswork with the perfect mix of performance and value, combining durability, clean design and ease of installation with remarkably consistent tonality. With either the in-ceiling or surface-mount option, clear voice reproduction and rich music are delivered while blending into any environment.


Bose Professional AudioPack Pro C4W

  • 4 white in-ceiling FreeSpace FS2C loudspeakers
  • 1 FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ amplifier
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Bose Professional AudioPack Pro S4B/W

  • 4 surface-mount, white or black, FreeSpace FS2SE loudspeakers
  • 1 FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ amplifier
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A rich legacy of innovation

People in the pro audio industry identified unique problems; complex acoustic challenges, the lack of diverse connectivity options and sophisticated signal processing concerns. The result wasn’t a new product – it was an entirely new division dedicated to solving pro audio problems: Bose Professional.

Bose Professional serves many different markets, delivering great sound in venues all around the world: performing arts centres, theatres, places of worship, stadiums, restaurants, schools, retail stores, hotels and corporate buildings.

April 1st 2023 began the next chapter of the Bose story when it became an independent company.

A rich legacy of innovation
You are the most important partner

You are the most important partner

In the pro audio industry, collaboration brings a huge advantage because your customers are the experts: system designers, integrators, installers, sound engineers and musicians. They know sound. And they continually help Bose Professional make better products.

When you buy a Bose Professional product, you get the full weight of the Bose Professional global team and Midwich behind you – our combined time, support and attention. Every purchase is the beginning of a partnership.

A dedicated team at your disposal

❝ Here at Midwich, we love to specify the extensive Bose Professional range, enabling installers to offer speakers for a wide range of commercial uses. For exceptional and consistent sound indoors and outdoors, in retail, houses of worship, pubs, clubs and other venues, Bose Professional provides solution-led options. The brand new PowerShareX amps deserve a special mention, these multi-channel smart amplifiers offer unrivalled flexible power-sharing technology for both install and portable applications. With on-board configurable loudspeaker processing, choose from 4 models to offer scalability and controllability to your next install. Our technical team can help specify your next audio job. Contact us at ❞

Ali Charters, Business Manager

A dedicated team at your disposal


From a simple sense of arrival and relaxation for hotel guests to music that helps people feel connected and have a good time – pro audio is about creating incredible experiences. It’s about making every space – the spaces where your customers learn, worship, work and play – better.

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